about my work

Working with clients, helping to give form to dreams and aspirations, is a privilege. I believe there's nothing trivial about the practice of architecture which, like music and painting, has the potential to be both healing and nurturing.

The starting point for a commission may simply be the need for extra room but I think there is always an opportunity, however humble the brief, to fashion and organise spaces into something special in order to bring pleasure each time they are encountered. That is part of what architects can bring to the building process.

Although I have undertaken a wide range of commissions, I work primarily on the design of houses often including the layout of gardens. This includes alterations to existing properties including to listed buildings and also new build. Bricks and mortar, steel and glass, straw and timber; I use an eclectic palette of materials as seems appropriate, striving to make the most of natural light in order to bring interior spaces to life. Once a design is developed, a tremendous amount of effort is put in to the detail, getting things to 'look right' and lift the spirit. I hesitate to claim that my work is deeply 'green' as there is always an environmental impact associated with building and much false rhetoric surrounds it. Nevertheless, I do place great importance on such issues and consider them in the broadest sense when undertaking the briefing process, striving to balance my own concerns with the wishes of my clients.

I currently undertake commissions throughout Dorset and Wiltshire but do take on projects further afield if conditions suit all parties.